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We create your bridge using robust materials that will restore your chewing ability and a complete smile.

What is a bridge?

Dental bridges are a reliable and hardwearing solution for replacing missing teeth. A bridge is a restoration that encompasses crowns, which provide the new teeth your mouth needs to function correctly again. The teeth on each side of the gap in your smile are either crowned or attached to a false tooth. Bridges are an economical option for addressing tooth loss and will be firmly fixed in your mouth.

How a bridge can benefit you

  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Give you confidence in your appearance.
  • Cover exposed areas of gum.
  • Reduce your risk of gum-related problems compared to dentures.
  • Prevent teeth from drifting over time.


What should I choose for tooth replacement– dentures or a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are suited to patients who have healthy teeth to support the bridge. They are a fixed restoration, whilst dentures are removable. During your consultation, we will be able to advise which is most viable for your unique needs.

Do you offer implant-supported bridges?

We can offer bridges that are anchored in place with implants. The presence of the implants ensures a better level of stability is achieved for eating and speaking. Implants also offer the stimulation it needs, by replacing the entirety of a tooth root. In turn, the roots and jaw work together, just as they would have done when a real tooth root was present.

How much is tooth replacement treatment at Priory House?

Please take a look at our fee guide to view the cost of our tooth replacement treatments.

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“We always have such a great customer journey at Priory House from the reception desk through to our super talented dentist Dr Howell. He has recently done...”

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“Being an extremely nervous patient, particularly with dental treatment I can’t recommend Priory House highly enough! All the team are incredibly patient and understanding of this, and...”

A. Leadbetter

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