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Orthodontics Referral Dentist

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Dr Roy Feghali


Roy graduated as a doctor in dental surgery from St. Joseph University of Beirut in 1994.

His passion for Orthodontics and smile aesthetics led him to complete a three-year full-time program in Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics at the University of Lille in France, where he obtained his university diploma in 1998 (DU ODF,majeur de promotion).

In 2001, Roy added to his qualification a certificate of higher studies in orthodontics (CES.B).

We are very excited to be able to add Roy to our team. His extensive experience with fixed, removable, lingual and aligner treatments will bring new scope and options to the patients of Priory House. He has a confident, positive manner, which will put you at ease.

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