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Retainer aftercare instructions

Removable retainers

Initially, full-time wear of your retainers is critical because the bone and muscles are adjusting to the new positions of your teeth. You must wear your retainers essentially for 24 hours a day for the first 6 months and only remove them for eating, drinking and cleaning. Then you would have to wear them every night for another 6 months.

In the long term, it is advisable that you continue to wear your retainers for at least 2 nights or more a week forever! If you do not follow this instruction, there is no guarantee that your teeth will remain beautifully straight. The responsibility is yours!

Where to store and keep retainers clean?

Once you have been given your retainers, it is best to buy a retainer box for you to keep them in when you are not using them. Never wrap them up in tissue, as they could potentially get lost! If you have a pet dog, you must place them out of reach as, believe it or not, they like the smell of them and tend to chew it! When cleaning your retainers at night, you must clean them gently with a small soft toothbrush and cold water! Or you could buy a product called retainer brite, which is available at the practice.

Fixed retainers

Small wires are glued to the inner surfaces of the upper/lower anterior teeth. These types of retainers are normally prescribed by your orthodontist and can be fixed onto the teeth forever. If, however, you would like them removed, please book an appointment with the orthodontist to remove them. It is essential that they are kept clean, and a hygienist visit is recommended to keep them well-maintained to prevent tartar buildup.

Having fixed retainers does not remove the need to wear your removable retainers. It does mean extra security, especially if you lose or damage your removable retainers.

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