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This dental practice holds and maintains information about the business and its patients that is necessary for the efficient running of the practice and the effective provision of dental care.

This policy describes the information that must be kept and how it must be stored, archived and disposed of to ensure that the practice complies with the requirements of data protection legislation.

The practice Confidentiality policy describes the need for all members of the dental team to keep patient information confidential and practice procedures for handling information about patients; it must always be followed. The arrangements for keeping information safe are described in the practice Data security policy, which includes physical and electronic security measures.

The practice Privacy Notice helps patients understand how the practice uses and protects their personal information.

Retaining information

Information about the business and its patients is kept no longer than required.

  • Patient records are maintained and kept up to date while the individual remains a practice patient. When they cease to be a patient of the practice, their records are retained for ten years following their last visit to the practice or until the age of 25, whichever is longer.
  • Personnel and associate records are maintained and kept up to date whilst the individual works at the practice as an employee or self-employed contractor. Following their departure from the practice, their records are retained for six years from the date of leaving the practice. Records relating to workplace accidents or injuries are retained indefinitely. Records for associates are kept for up to eight years.
  • Financial records are retained for at least six years.
  • Business records, including contracts with suppliers, are retained for at least six years.

Secure storage

All members of the team must protect information held by the practice and store it securely. Information is only accessed on a need-to-know basis, where it is necessary to carry out required tasks in delivering care to patients or upon the direct instruction of a senior person within the practice.

For records held electronically, access is password protected and restricted to those who require the information as part of their work duties. Electronic records are regularly backed up daily overnight by our computer company onto a cloud-based storage.

Non-electronic (paper) records are stored in a location that is not accessible to patients, visitors to the practice or other members of the public. To ensure that patient record cards, financial information and personnel records are stored securely, they must be kept in lockable cabinets at the end of each working day, and the keys must be retained by our receptionist & Mrs P Boylan.

Patient record cards are stored securely in locked cabinets.

Financial information and personnel records are stored securely in the practice office – locked away.

Archiving records

Where records need to be retained but are no longer required daily, they are archived and stored securely. Records will be stored in a way that ensures easy identification and retrieval. The final decision on archiving information is taken by the practice owners.

Electronic records that need to be retained but are not required on a day-to-day basis are, in the first instance, archived within the IT system. Where electronic storage space is at or near capacity, archived electronic data will be copied onto a suitable electronic format, with copies stored securely at the practice premises and off-site.

The practice has systems for reviewing archived information that is no longer needed. We have set months every year where we review how long the patients have been archived and prepare them for incineration.

Secure disposal of old records

Records that are no longer required are disposed of securely by shredding, pulping or incineration. The services of a professional contractor will be used where necessary; a certificate of confidential destruction is obtained and retained by the practice as evidence of DPA compliance.

Patient study models are disposed of as soon as they are no longer required and, at the latest, at the same time as the records associated with the patient are disposed of. This is completed by gypsum retainer waste by our clinical waste company.

Records held electronically and backups of electronic information are disposed of using the secure deletion option on the practice computer system. We archive the patients on the systems for 11 years or up to 25 years of age if a child. They are then deleted permanently from our electronic system.

The final decision on disposing of records will be taken by the practice owners.

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C. Warde

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“A full recommendation for the Priory! I knew straight away I was in safe hands with my dentist Dr Gethin Howell and nurse Millie White. I was fitted with composite bonds top and bottom , I'm extremely happy with the end result. A very caring team so...”

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“My family and I started using this practice back in 1996, then in 2014 moved away from the area. Having tried out two local practices over the last 9 months, I realized that Priory House would be hard to match, and I have now returned to them,...”

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“Being an extremely nervous patient, particularly with dental treatment I can’t recommend Priory House highly enough! All the team are incredibly patient and understanding of this, and go out of their way to make me feel at ease. I’m never rushed through treatment and always have my...”

A. Leadbetter


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